Office Furniture Liquidation Specialists

mail order prednisone We are proud to be a part of the recycle process, office furniture liquidation at Cairns Trading Co. Processing used furniture, refurbishing it and then finding people and offices who put it to good use again. This Process is a task we take seriously here at Cairns Trading Co. so we can assist our clients in a professional manner.

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Office Furniture Liquidation
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Office Furniture Liquidation



We have experienced trained experts who handle the take down, careful moving, and refurbishing of the old office furniture. We know that when you are liquidating your old offices that time is of the essence with deadlines looming. Our experts will not only do a fine job but they will also do it on time. We take all of the hassle out of your move, and get you a timely quote and inventory. We have lots of storage space. With tons of experience in the Office Furniture Liquidation Industry, we have developed numerous business relationships with local businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We will be able to take your old furniture out of your current location and store it, rather than leaving the furniture in its current location and risking you having to continue to pay rent at a location where your business may no longer be conducted.

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It takes a great deal of time to take photos, list, and search for potential buyers which delays the office furniture liquidation process. When you don’t have the time to successfully liquidate your current inventory of office furniture. Let the experts handle all of your needs. Turn to Cairns Trading Co. You’ll get the relief you need for your office systems without all of the hassle and the burden of trying to sell it individually.

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Office Furniture Liquidation


If you need assistance to do a liquidation job or your simply moving to another location, Cairns Trading Co. are the professionals who will do it right and find solutions for your business needs. Feel free to call us at 864-423-1220. If that doesn’t suit you then you can fill out the contact form and we will be with you promptly. Thank you for your business partnership in recycling your old furniture.   

Office Furniture Liquidation


Let us break down your office cubicles and properly dispose of or recycle them.

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Office Furniture Liquidation Cairns Trading Co. is currently a division of Cairns and Company.